Our Initiatives

Over the next few years, the One Albuqueque Fund
aims to fund critical programs to address some of the
core challenges our city faces.


Meeting the needs of our community to hire hundreds of new officers will require targeted marketing campaigns highlighting the benefits of joining a reformed Albuquerque Police Department as well as the benefits of joining the Albuquerque community at-large. This includes partnering with local entities to entice new recruits with incentives such as short-term housing loans, signing bonuses, day-care options, and moving support.


While the City has only tangential ability to impact the classroom and school day, there is substantial opportunity to assist with before and after school programs, and summer programs. Efforts on this front will focus on utilizing the hundreds of programs and partnerships the city is already engaged with and providing scaling funds to fill out, and increase, opportunities at existing programs such as swim lessons, library programs, meals and nutrition, and open-space activities to name a few.


To support our local small businesses, we need to ensure that they have the tools necessary to grow and expand. We will help establish a job- training fund that local businesses can apply to for assistance in hiring an additional employee – growing by an “increment of one.” We will also fund mentorship and advisement opportunities to help support entrepreneurs get off the ground, especially in the creative economy, by strengthening the newly created Job Training Albuquerque program and our partnerships with CNM.


The primary need of individuals and families experiencing homelessness is a home.Once housed, individuals and families can move forward with their lives. It will take approximately $13 million to fund enough housing vouchers to make a meaningful, permanent change in the homelessness epidemic. The City is already investing millions to help address these needs, but significant support from the community is needed as well to truly transform the current situation.