Impacting Our Community

Over the next few years, the One Albuquerque
Fund aims to fund critical programs to address
some of the core challenges the city faces.

Homelessness & Housing

The One Albuquerque Housing Fund supports local organizations that are best suited to support those in need throughout our community, including The Barrett Foundation, the Supportive Housing Coalition, Heading Home and others.

It will take approximately $13 million to fund enough housing vouchers to make a meaningful, permanent change in the homelessness epidemic in Albuquerque. The City is already investing millions to help address these needs, but significant support from the community is needed as well to truly transform the current situation.

$50 Basic Move In Supplies i.e., Toiletries, Towels, Dishes
$300 1 Week Rental Assistance & Case Management
$1,250 Month Rental Assistance & Case Management
$3,000 Move In Security Deposit, First/Last Month’s Rent
$15,000 1 Year of Rental Assistance & Case Management
$30,000 1 Year for 2 Families or 2 Years for 1 Family of
Rental Assistance & Case Management
$60,000 2 Years for 2 Families of Rental Assistance &
Case Management $90,000 2 Years for 3 Families of Rental Assistance
& Case Management

Workforce Support

The City of Albuquerque is supporting a new workforce development program by providing the local workforce with necessary skills, filling skill gaps, and meeting the needs of existing and potential employers. $1 million is set aside in Mayor Tim Keller’s proposed budget to support this program. The core componets of the program are: training the workforce to meet business needs in key skill areas; identify in-demand certifications; develop a certification training program; help companies hire new employees; and work with employers to enroll employees into training programs.

Average Cost of a Job Trainee: $15,000 per trainee

Average Cost to Train Workers by Industry
$5,000 per worker | SOLAR
$15,000 per worker | HEALTHCARE
$8,000 per worker | MANUFACTURING

Program Goals:
1. Expand small/starts-up businesses.
2. Diversify the economy with job training for undeserved industries.
3. Attract and retain companies with trained workforce.

Youth Opportunity

The City of Albuquerque recognizes and celebrates its role as the largest provider of youth opportunities in Central New Mexico. The City is committed to expanding access to high-quality early childhood, after school, fall, winter, spring, and summer programs.

ENHANCED EXPERIENCES PROVIDED FOR YOUTH: STEAM, Cultural, Social, and Sports/Athletics Experiences.

Scholarships for Youth Out of School Time Programs:
Full Day Summer Break
$1,000 per season | 1 Child
Before & After School
$15 per week | 1 Child
Full Day Preschool
$100 per week | 1 Child

funds all 5 lesson levels, offering a child with no swim ability to master
the basics of swimming and all 4 major strokes or individual lessons.

Swim Lessons
$1,1750 all 5 levels | 10 Children $4,375 all levels | 25 Children $3,500 individual lessons | 100 Total Lessons
$8,750 individual lessons | 250 Total Lessons

Police Officer Recruitment

We know the amazing benefits of living and working here in Albuquerque, but selling that to new recruits and out of state transfers can be tough. Moving is hard and uprooting a family can be tricky. In order to help ease minds and make the transition as easy and seamless as possible, the One Albuquerque Fund will partner with local businesses and organizations to provide services such as housing location services, property management, and relocation bonuses.
Standard Relocation Stipend: $5,000 per officer for down payment assistance, relocation services.


To help speed the pipeline of eligible officers for APD, the City of Albuquerque is working with CNM. The CNM Law Enforcement Academy provides the basic police officer academy as a satellite academy under the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. Students who successfully complete the academy will earn a Certificate of Completion for 32 academic credits. These courses meet the requirements for licensure by the state of New Mexico as a law enforcement offcer. In addition, these courses will apply toward the Associates of Applied Science in Criminal Justice.

Educational Course: $3,000 supports one complete course for a potential new recruit.